This page will serve as a repository for myself as well as an open source page for me to share all my code with whomever may stumble across it. I have benefited greatly from the open source communities that are established in Stata, R, HTML/CSS/PHP etc. and therefore feel that I should reciprocate by sharing the code that I have used and consistently reference when writing new code. I mainly use Stata, zTree and Qualtrics in my research. I have also posted some of the tasks that I have programmed for subjects to do in experiments - most of which were integrated into Qualtrics.

Expand links to scripts for Stata
Basics: [script]
Sample Analysis: [script]
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Basic JS: [script]
Expand links to scripts and output of tasks
Drag and Drop: [script] [output]
Word Encryption: [script] [output]
Roulette Wheel: [script] [output]
String Encryption: [script] [output]
Expand links to scripts and output for R
Unpublished Study Analysis: [script] [output]
DOSPERT Analysis: [script] [output]
Intertemporal Choice Script: [script] [output]
MTurkR Functions: [script]